Volunteer with SAMI 2023

We have ongoing projects such as the Digital Communities Initiative and Maths Club Initiative to improve the infrastructure of maths education. Have your own idea for a project? We aim to support innovative projects and connect like-minded individuals. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering abroad or at home.

Summer 2023 Maths Camp Update

After two years of Virtual Events, we are hoping to help facilitate in-person Maths Camps this summer (Covid restrictions permitting).

To find out what has been going on over the past few years, click the link for more information about our Virtual Maths Camp including our SAMI playing cards.

Summer 2023 Camps are now being planned.

For each camp we aim to have at least one experienced volunteer. Further, we aim to have at least one international teacher at each camp, either a current teacher or a retired teacher. We aim to also have two to three student international volunteers participate in each of the AMI camps, with the volunteers being a mixture of undergrads and postgrads/researchers. We would be happy to hear from people in other walks of life who feel they have something to contribute, and we would consider recommending high school students for this experience.

The recruitment of international volunteers has begun and we will be considering applications on a rolling basis until the start of the camps. You can mention a preference for a camp in your application, but you don’t have to. Decisions on applications will be made by the SAMI Trustees, who then recommend suitable candidates to the local organisers of the respective camps. Note: all camps are run through local partners. As such, dates and venues are subject to change. Do not make any flight or accommodation booking until you have confirmed the camp dates with the local organiser. SAMI cannot accept responsibility for any financial loss occurred due to the changes in dates or venues for any of the camps.

FAQs can be found below. If you would like to know more please write to [email protected]. We’re happy to give you more information by email and would be happy to meet you in person.

Application Process:

1. Attend SAMI recruitment event/speak with a previous camp’s volunteer/discuss with a SAMI member

2. Complete online application

3. Attend interview

4. SAMI directors meet to make final decisions


February – Applications open

March – May – Interviews take place

May – July – Accepted volunteers are put in touch with local organisers

July – August – Camps take place

Volunteer FAQs