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Updates from Kenya – Working with ‘OneBillion’ Apps

When we started the project back in August 2016 there was lots of discussion about what would be the best apps to use if we really wanted to impact student's learning in schools. Whilst searching the app store for 'Maths Education' the options seem near endless, the...

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Maths Marathon

Teachers at the Lycee Francais ran a maths marathon at their school this weekend. Students came in on a Saturday from 8.30 - 5.30 for a sponsored study day before their iGCSE maths exams. Nearly £2000 was raised for SAMI for the event. This money will support the new...

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SAMI is a UK-based charity that looks to address concerns about access to and quality of mathematics education in Africa. We support initiatives, working with passionate, enthusiastic and talented individuals locally, to provide the expertise and funding necessary to implement effective and sustainable high impact solutions where they are need the most.

SAMI currently works in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda and supports a wide variety of projects crossing education, research and global development. We are always very excited to hear from any individuals or organisations interested in working with or supporting SAMI.



Maths Camps

Week-long camps of games, puzzles and activities to inspire students outside the curriculum

Maths Clubs

Student-led activities run in schools to promote a joy of maths throughout the year

African Data Initiative

Open software being made in Africa to help people make better use of data

Digital Communities

Using technology to improve livelihoods throughout entire communities





We have big ideas in the pipeline for 2019 Maths Camps and for our ongoing visits to schools and improving the infrastructure of maths education. If you would like to make a donation to any of our project we would be very grateful. We are also always keen to hear from potential volunteers to join our summer camps in Africa or help throughout the year.

Upcoming camps


You can donate to SAMI via Virgin Money Giving. This allows for up to 25% gift aid to be claimed on all donations, with processing fees kept to an absolute minimum. This way we can ensure all money donated is used to the greatest possible effect. 

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Retailers such as Amazon, Tesco and Expedia will donate a percentage of purchases made when visiting via the below link. Create an account and start raising money now!





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