After an incredibly busy summer with camps in 6 countries, we’re amazed to see local teams keeping the momentum going and hosting two more camps to start 2020.

AMI Ghana in partnership with the Talent TAHUF had a Maths Clinic at Agbozume from 6-10 Jan 2020. With about 60 students from the Somey SHS, 10 of our volunteers outdid themselves in impacting the love of maths into these students working on interesting and fun maths themes.

You can see lots more photos and information on the AMI Ghana Facebook Page

Meanwhile, in Uganda, Uganda Women Mathematicians led their own 6-day camp entitled “Empowering learners with mathematical skills to solve problems in the 21st century”

The learners were exposed to practical ways of learning mathematics.on topics such as set theory using their day to day items like cups clothes spoons shoes .. things we find in homes to arrange them in sets. They then did fractions and proportions using oranges, bananas, bottle top covers and baking a cake. They studied measurements and geometry using bakery of donuts each learner cut out a shape giving it’s measurements and labelling their shape. We also did measurements using agriculture by visiting Kawanda agricultural research center, and also got learners motivational speakers in brick making and chess playing.

We know the huge amount of work that goes into organising and running a maths camp, and would like to congratulate AMI Ghana and  Uganda Women Mathematicians for their amazing success.

SAMI plans to support 7 more camps this summer, if you are interested in being involved then check out our volunteer page (recruitment starts in February)